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How a community in Canada solved winter isolation issue

I saw a post yesterday about a community on Neebish Island in Michigan that has been stranded for 5 days because of unsafe ice.

It brought to mind a similar story from northeastern Ontario in Canada back in 2010:

The 200 residents of the Temagami First Nation on Bear Island were cut off because of unsafe ice in the fall and spring. This caused some major issues, not the least of which was that high school students had to board out during this period and could not live at home.

The solution was the acquisition of a 24' cargo airboat from 1000 Island Airboats. Here is the public announcement:

"The Temagami First Nation purchased this 11-passenger airboat to end its isolation during break-up and freeze-up.

Chief and Council made the decision to buy the boat because the 200 residents of Bear Island are cut-off from the mainland during periods of unstable ice that can last over two weeks. It will also eliminate the need for high school students to board out during these periods.

It will be not be a taxi, but operate on scheduled and emergency runs between the island and the Mine Landing.

Unlike the flat-bottomed, pug-nosed airboats in the southern US, this 24-footer is far more efficient in open water and on snow-covered ice. It can also operate in mud and dirt."

We have been providing solutions for safe travel over dangerous ice conditons since 1994. If you have a requirement for search and rescue, business or pleasure, we have an airboat for you!


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