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Corporate Mission

To build the absolute best quality light-weight rescue and general use airboats that meet or exceed the user’s requirements in the harshest of conditions. 

1000 Island Airboats was started in 1993 by Gary Anderson and his brother Terry. The company was started because a friend of theirs lost his life in the freezing ice spotted water of the St. Lawrence Seaway and there was no way to reach him. This event sparked the Anderson brothers into action to create the world's best airboats to help keep people safe. The boats built by 1000 Island Airboats have been used to save hundreds of lives around the world and continue to do so. The company changed ownership in 2017 and was moved to the United States. The new owners (see below) are committed to continue the legacy of building the safest ice/water airboat and continuing to make changes and improvements to better suit the needs of the user. See the story of 1000 Island Airboats here

Fawn Rogers, President

Fawn Rogers is a Registered Nurse who has held multiple positions in the healthcare field for many years, including Emergency Room, Intensive Care, ambulance and hospital supervisory/manager roles.  Fawn's medical background has taught her the importance of being able to rescue victims as quickly and safely as possible. 

Ms. Rogers also serves on the Chambers Island Medical Committee. In 2010 she earned her Masters of Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin. She has been operating boats for more than 35 years and is an avid ice fishing enthusiast.

She is also a licensed private pilot. Her hobbies include oceanographic research and SCUBA diving. She owns cabins on islands in Wisconsin and Canada.

Ryan Rogers, Director of Operations

Ryan graduated from the University of Denver in 2017, earning his Masters of Business Administration. He is a licensed private pilot and enjoys flying a 1940 Piper J-3 Cub. Ryan spends the majority of his summers operating boats in the Canadian Boundary Waters and on Lake Michigan. He is a Volunteer First Responder on the Chambers Island Fire Department with experience in grass and structure fires, boat rescues, missing persons recovery, etc.


Ryan has over 100 hours in the operator’s seat of 1000 Island Airboats in varying conditions from Montana rivers too Lakes in Canadas North West Territories, to Operating on ice and open water on Lake Superior. Ryan enjoys the challenge and reward of operating a company that manufactures such a unique product, used to continuously save lives and offers a safe operating platform. 

Peter T. Rogers, Manufacturing 

Pete Rogers is the president and CEO of a veneer and plywood mill in Wisconsin. Mr. Rogers has been with the company since 1970.  In 1985 he became President/Director and CEO, the position he holds today.

Mr. Rogers has more than 60 years of boating experience and owns numerous boats including a 30-foot aluminum patrol boat and a 38-foot high-speed Scarab off shore racing boat.

Both he and is family are experienced SCUBA Divers, backcountry skiers and snowmobilers. He is a licensed private pilot and is certified to operate amphibious seaplanes.

He owns cabins on islands in Wisconsin and Canada

Dave Harris, Director

Dave has more than forty years of marine experience and holds a 100 Ton USCG Masters License with multiple endorsements. He is the former captain of the fifty two foot, 69 passenger ferry, Quo Vadis. He has many years of experience in emergency vessel towing and salvage and currently operates the 30 foot, aluminum, twin- diesel towing vessel ATLAS. 

​He is the chairman of the Fish Creek, Wisconsin Harbor Commission and is a founding and current member of the Chambers Island Marina Company

Dave is a Senior Vice-President with a large international bank and has more than 35 years of experience in the financial services industry. He spends his summers at his cabin on Chambers Island in Lake Michigan.

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