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Premium, long-lasting airboat construction

Building the safest, most comfortable and most durable airboats in the world starts with premium components and materials. It continues with a commitment to airboat construction that doesn’t compromise quality. At 1000 Island Airboats, we never trade premium materials for up-front savings. Instead, we build premium airboats designed to perform in the toughest environments, year after year.    

Light, reliable, powerful 520HP or 640HP GM engines 

Every airboat we build is powered by a marinized LSX OR LT4 engine. It’s more reliable, more powerful and lighter than lower-cost, non-EPA compliant engines.

Airboats with maximum hull support 

Our boats are constructed with six support stringers built into the hull,  We could use four stringers, or even none.  But the six stringers add maximum support to our hulls, and we believe that is more important to our users than cutting cost.


Floatation embedded into hull

While other airboat manufacturers may add flotation after the fact, 1000 Island Airboats embeds flotation into our hulls. Not only do we embed the floatation, we embed enough flotation to make our boats positively buoyant. This helps make our airboats among the safest airboats in the world. When flotation is simply added on the hull rather than embedded inside of it, the flotation can become dislodged in an emergency, putting everyone on board at risk.

Virgin polymer on hull

1000 Island Airboats mechanically fastens virgin 3/8” UHMW polymer on the hull’s bottom surface and sides. Virgin UHMW is denser and more abrasion resistant. While re-ground or recycled UHMW may result in cost savings up front, it may require replacement sooner when compared with virgin 3/8” UHMW. Our UHMW is flush mounted into molded indentations, so the plastic is unlikely to be caught on an object and ripped off, unlike many aluminum boats.


Premium electronics and instrumentation 

When you invest in a 1000 Island Airboat, you receive top-quality electronics and instrumentation, ensuring harsh conditions are no match for reliable navigation and communication.


Heat and defrost

Your 1000 Island Airboat includes windshield heat and defrost as standard equipment in every boat. This provides you with maximum visibility in extreme conditions for comfort and security regardless of the outside temperatures.


Steel propeller cage

Every 1000 Island Airboat includes a high-quality, powder-coated steel propeller cage. This steel prop guard protects the propeller from being struck by overhanging branches or other obstacles, while simultaneously enhancing passenger safety by keeping the propeller out of reach.


Premium winter weight canvas 

At 1000 Island Airboats, airboat construction includes premium winter-weight canvas that helps keep the elements out and the heat in. This design is essential in keeping the weight and center of gravity low, as well as providing proper airflow to the propeller.


Custom interior configuration 

With our Search and Rescue airboats, the interior accommodates mechanical suspension seats, a four person bench seat and a stretcher. This provide rescue teams and their patients with the safest, most comfortable platform. This provides a superior experience than other open-air airboats, where the stretcher is exposed to the elements. With 1000 Islands Airboats design, Search and Rescue technicians’ and patients’ comfort and well-being is considered. 


Premium ice brake and lifting jack

A premium ice break is important for protecting passengers and the boat. In sub-freezing temperatures, flat-bottom aluminum airboats can freeze to the ice and become almost impossible to get unstuck. This is why we designed the bottom of our airboats with a constant radius. Our ice break is constructed to literally lift the back of the boat—with a push of a button, 1000 Island airboats are freed from ice.

Questions about our premium airboat construction?

For questions and more information about how our airboats are constructed, contact us today.

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