Premium Construction in Every Boat We Build

At 1000 Island Airboats, we choose to build the safest, most comfortable and most durable airboats in the world.  We only use premium components and materials.  We never compromise quality to reduce costs.  

550HP Cadillac Engine

Every airboat we build is powered by the Cadillac LSA engine.  We could use a cheaper engine,  but the Cadillac LSA more reliable, more powerful and much lighter than other engine options making it the best choice for our airboats.

Maximum Hull Support

Our boats are constructed with six support stringers built into the hull,  We could use four stringers, or even none.  But the six stringers add maximum support to our hulls, and we believe that is more important to our users than cutting cost.


Floatation Embedded into Hull

We EMBED floatation into our hulls. We could simply add it on like some other builders do, but we want to make the safest airboats in the world and we do not want our floatation to become dislodged in an emergency.

18 Layers of Material in the Hull

We construct every hull we build with 18 layers of material (15 layers of fiberglass), in every hull.  We could use less and cut the cost,  but we know that 18 layers provides optimum strength to weight ratio.


Premium Polymer on Hull

We use virgin 3/8” UHMW poly on the bottom surface and sides of all our hulls. Virgin UHMW is more dense and more abrasive resistant so it lasts longer then the other less expensive options such as re-ground and Recycled UHMW.


Premium Electronics and Instrumentation

We use premium electronics and instrumentation in all of our boats.  We maximum reliability of our vessels to keep our users running no matter the conditions they are traveling in.


Heat and Defrost

We include heater and windshield defrost in every boat as standard equipment. Our product will keep the user comfort no matter the exterior temperature and have total visibility in extreme conditions.


Steel Prop Guard

We build and install a high quality steel powder coated propeller guard on all our boats for personal safety and to protect the propeller from being struck by overhanging branches or other obstacles.


Premium Winter Weight Canvas

We use premium, winter weight canvas on our boats so our users to get many years of use out of their high quality 1000 Islands Airboat and not have to replace the canvas.


Custom Interior Configuration

We configure the interior of our Search and Rescue airboats to accommodate a stretcher.  After all, in open rescue airboats, the stretcher is open to the elements.  But we believe our SAR Techs and their patients need to have the safest, most comfortable platform.

For every mission there is a platform.  If the mission is travelling over unsafe ice, there is no better platform than an airboat from 1000 Island Airboats!