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1000 Island Airboats Offers The Best Solution For Search and Rescue

We have been designing and continuously improving our airboats for Search and Rescue use since 1994.  When a boat is custom ordered, whether it be for a fire department or sheriffs department, the customer sits down with the team, assess what they need based on past experience, and then the boat is built to their specific requirements. 

24' Search and Rescue airboats are the best choice for search and rescue, Flood Rescue, and law enforcement because of the designs and features unique to 1000 Island Airboats.


Why We Are The Perfect Flood Rescue Platform 

Our boats are ideal for flood rescue ops because unlike aluminum boats they are built to withstand severe strikes from underwater obstructions such as cement walls, fire hydrants and metal signs. Unlike aluminum boats or even a rubber raft with a metal outboard motor (which will puncture easily) our boats do not conduct electricity, protecting rescuers from the risk of electrocution caused by stray current and downed power lines. We believe there is no better platform than ours for the mission


The V-Bow, Contour Planing Hull, which was designed by a marine architect specifically for ice, water, snow and slush allows our boats to ride with stability on the surface, no matter what that surface may be. The unique V-bow shape is designed to perfect the high and low speed transition from ice to water and water to ice. This V-bow also allows the boat to travel over deep snow with ease instead of having a plowing effect. Some boats may get "trapped" in an ice channel due to straight sides and a flat bottom. Our boats are designed with multi axis pivot points allowing them to make turns when in an ice-channel. Having the ability to make turns allows the boat to get back on top of the surface of the ice. 


Every 1000 Island Airboat is built with a weather proof canvas top protecting the cabin from exterior conditions. Cabin heat and windshield defrost comes standard. The interior layout of our search and rescue boats can be configured to accommodate a stretcher.  When you combine this layout with a fully enclosed heated cabin, the result is not only a comfortable environment for SAR techs, but also gives hypothermic victims a higher chance of survival.

Davit Crane

How do you get a person IN ice-water INTO a rescue boat?  Our search and rescue boats come equipped with a pivoting davit crane. This set up allows for  stretcher access straight from the water into the heated safety of a 1000 Island Airboat.



If your organization would like more information on 1000 Island Airboats Search and Rescue Airboats, contact us using the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible, Thank you. 

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