Is it possible to make the best icewater airboat in the world even better?

The short answer is YES, and here is how We did it:


First of all, the VBow, Contour Planing Hull, which was designed by a marine architect specifically for ice, water, snow and slush is the best design in the world, so we did not change that. Unlike any aluminum airboat, our boats ride ON TOP of the surface, no matter what that surface may be.

Since relocating 1000 Island Airboats, We've made noticeable improvements and upgrades:

  • We have developed an even stronger but lighter hull than all previous models. ​

  • With new innovations in electronics, we completely updated the electronics

    • Upgraded Battery System​

    • Upgraded Wiring System 

    • Glass Cockpit Engine Monitoring System

    • LED Exterior Lighting

    • LED Interior Lighting

    • LED Upgraded Cockpit Switches

  • We went from the GM 502 and now use the GM 6.2 L, 550 HP, Supercharged, LSA engine in ALL new airboats

  • Ice brake now seconds as a lifting jack.

  • Air-ride seats are now standard in all our boats

  • We have taken some of the optional features, such as the davit crane, and made it standard on all 24 Search and Rescue airboats.

  • Access doors are now built into fan cages

  • Upgraded propellers for more thrust and less noise

  • Completely new trailers designed for easy loading, hauling, and unloading by a single person. Included in purchase of airboat. 

If you would like to inquire more into how the best airboat in the world got even better, contact us using the form below and we will provide you more information.