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The Best Airboat Design Considers Safety, Strength and Durability 

What creates the best airboat design? 

  • Contour planing hull – for the ability to climb and ride on top of ice, water, snow and slush 

  • Powerful engine – for extreme reliability  

  • Premium equipment – for comfort, navigation and communications in the harshest conditions 


Contour planing hull: The best airboat hull design  

Unlike aluminum airboat construction, the 1000 Island Airboat climb and ride on top of ice, water, snow and slush. The VBow/contour planing hull was designed by a marine architect specifically for those surfaces. 

Strong yet light, a contour planning hull is the best airboat hull design, as it won’t bog down in even the most severe conditions and helps provide safer travels. 


GM™ 520 HP, LSX Crate engine 

The GM™ 520 HP, LSX Crate Engine reliably powers an airboat traveling through some of the harshest conditions possible. This engine was carefully curated and tuned to deliver strong yet quiet performance and is used in all 1000 Island Airboats.  

Strong, smart airboat design 

  • Self-monitoring and maintaining smart battery system​ 

  • Fully documented, proficiently made wiring system built to first responder “fire truck” specifications 

  • Network-based glass cockpit engine monitoring system with navigation 

  • LED exterior and interior lighting 

  • LED cockpit switch panel 

  • Ice brake that doubles as a lifting jack 

  • Suspension air-ride seats  

  • Easy-to-steer, durable steering mechanism  

  • Removable davit crane (included as standard with the 24’ Search and Rescue airboats

  • Large access doors built into fan cages 

  • Exhaust that incorporates mufflers along with a more rigid mounting system (this cuts the noise level nearly in half) 

  • Propellers that deliver more thrust and less noise 

  • Large custom windshield with greater visibility, allowing the operator to sit higher for greater safety and comfort.  

  • Trailers designed for easy loading, hauling, and unloading by one person (trailer included in your airboat purchase)  

Questions about our airboat design? 

1000 Island Airboats utilize the best airboat design principles for safety, comfort and durability in the planet’s most inhospitable environments. For more information or a quote, contact us. 

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