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Icewater Search and Rescue Videos

Search and Rescue airboats from 1000 Island Airboats are the IDEAL platform for travelling over unsafe ice.  Whether it is open water, ice, snow, slush, the unique hull design of our airboats allow SAR TECS to travel in safety and heated comfort no matter what the ice conditions.

Special Purpose Craft – Ice Rescue (SPC-IRT)


Watch the 24' Search and Rescue airboat transition from open water to ice and back to open water. The unique hull design allows it to perform equally well over any unsafe ice conditions. This is the ideal craft to perform search and rescue missions.

Flawless Performance... 24' Airboat From 1000 Island Airboats


Whether your requirement is search and rescue, business or pleasure, our 24' Airboat is an ideal choice for safe and comfortable travel over unsafe ice

Barrie Fire Department Launches 24' SAR


Watch the Barrie Fire Department launch the 24' Search and Rescue airboat from 1000 Island Airboats.

This is the IDEAL platform to respond to emergencies in unsafe ice conditions.

US Coast Guard Category:
Special Purpose Craft – Ice Rescue (SPC-IRT)

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