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Search and Rescue Techs face challenges in freezing temperatures

We came across this post from Dec 2017 describing how the Newbold Fire Department used their open airboat to search Lake Thompson in Oneida County in response to a report that someone may have been calling for help. Fortunately, after their search of the lake, they did not find any evidence of anyone falling through the ice.

What we thought was interesting was how difficult search and rescue missions can be in open airboats when the temperature drops to below freezing. Here is a snippet from the article:

"In addition to breaking through the ice in places, the airboat also kicked up snow that blew onto the five men, which added to the cold they experienced, Peterson added.

"It was not fun," he confirmed."

Click here to see the article.

There are many reasons why we believe our airboats are the best choice for search and rescue in unsafe ice conditions, and this article confirms one of those reasons. Our Search and Rescue airboats come standard with heat and defrost, AND they are totally enclosed, so the SAR techs travel in safety and heated comfort.

If your search and rescue organization has a requirement to travel over unsafe ice, we would love to demonstrate how our airboats can provide the ultimate platform for any icewater mission.

Contact us for more information.

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